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 Silver Badge Event People List

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Silver Badge Event People List Empty
PostSubject: Silver Badge Event People List   Silver Badge Event People List I_icon_minitimeSat Jan 16, 2010 4:28 pm

Silver Badge Event People List

Please refer to this post for more info

name Badges given
andre 2
dreams 3
sesh 5
sassu 11
kahn 5
icers 118
Lee 1
vamp 1
Beyond 16
winrry 19
izu 1
hubber 6
groby 1
mei 5
dami 1
Gian 2
Divs 5
grinch 20
seeme 3
bob 25
buton 1
drizz 7
finality 4
key 5

Note: No leader was on and we thought Mafas were gonna beat us so I collected badges. All People that passed badges to me decided that we will wait until the next round of the event. I will pass 77badges to guild bank.
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Silver Badge Event People List
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